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Construction Management

Our goals in providing Construction Management Services are to assist each client’s needs through our “Quality Value Assessment Program”. This program starts with the assessment of your needs for services and identifies the best and most cost effective approach to your construction needs. We review all phases of your proposed project from preliminary design through design and engineering, costs analysis, value engineering, construction implementation, project completion and warranty follow-up. After the review process, we can place the appropriate resources to each aspect of the project to limit wasted time which provides Quality of Service at a better value to our clients.



It is easy for a company to claim that they provide Design-Build services and do not take any part in the process. With our 25 years of design and construction knowledge, we take an active role in the Design-Build process. Working with a civil and architectural firm to develop the basic project, we then utilize design-build mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical construction firms to continue the design process at little or no cost to the owner. This also places accountability from the design-build contractor when an application issue arises. From schematic design to project completion, we handle the project as if it were one of our own.


Constructability Reviews

With our extensive design and construction background, we offer a service to assist in the overall development of your project. We can work closely with the design staff during the preliminary construction documentation to evaluate and identify any cost saving opportunities prior to the project entering construction implementation. The “Constructability Review” can be crucial to maintaining the desired budget for the project while at the same time eliminating costly re-designs and project completion.



General Construction

With our knowledge of all types of construction and construction techniques, we can become very competitive with General Construction “HARD BID”. We review each bid opportunity and assemble the best set of trade contractors for the proposed project. We pride ourselves in knowing which trade contractors are suitable for the bid. By first understanding the bid documents and providing the trade contractors with an accurate assessment of the proposed project, we can obtain sharper and more accurate trade bids which provides a more competitive bid to the client.


Design Development

Our experience with Design provides us with the ability to offer a Design Development service to our clients. This service is ideal for Developers with multiple tenants. As tenants move in and out of the flex spaces, by utilizing computer aided drafting software and scheduling software, we can provide the tenant space layouts and construction duration schedules as a negotiating tool to close the deal. These layouts can be turned into construction documentation to assist in the permitting and development of the space. By working with our staff, we can expedite the construction process and deliver a space ready for your tenants occupancy in a shorter time frame thus enabling greater profitability for the Developer.


Contract Verification

This service is designed to assist owners and lending institutions with the monthly verification of construction for a project which is due payment. We work closely with the client to review the contract documents and provide bi-weekly site visits to review contract completion. Each visit is followed with a report outlining the percentage of completion of each of the trades for verification of contract payment. Through this service, we are able to report on the quality of the work being completed. This adds a double value to the client.


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